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The GoodenPlenty Project

Blah, Blah, Blog

Blah, Blah, Blog




Here's your chance to get your comment read by the masses. Tell us what you think or thought about a show performed by The GPP and we'll put it up on our site. Thank you for your comments.

Miss Loretta Gooden, Founder/Manager & Lead Vocals

"You were awesome at the Seasons on Friday! I really enjoyed it! And "At Last".... what a SONG! I think Ms. Etta James would be proud to hear you sing it! Thanks for a great evening!"

Tricia Brock, American Cancer Society

I actually got a chance to see the show and I was pretty impressed. I look forward to getting you guys back here again.

Gary, Owner
Caddies of Columbus, IN

"I first met her sitting in with the Big O' Things and she blew me away with her voice. Everybody was dancing and then she opened her mouth and we all stopped! Incredible talent!"

Mary-Ellen Anderson
Bloomington, IN

Steve, lead singer, was passing the mic around for us to sing Mustang Sally with him. When he gave the mic to Loretta ... my jaw dropped! We looked at each other in shock. Amazing!

Michelle Flynn
Local, Nashville, IN

Loretta, you saved me again.

Bruce Willis
Big Screen Actor and Action Hero

I still can't believe they played at OUR wedding. So many people were asking who they were. We were so proud. Thank you Miss Loretta and the GoodenPlenty Project Band.

Newlyweds Mr. & Mrs. Craig and Lynn Austin
aka "Ken & Barbie"

"Wow! Amazing ... gracious. We are still awestruck that you all found the time in your schedules to be a part ofour wedding celebration. Thank you for the coordination of events that led to a most spectacular evening. Your talents were appreciated and talked about by all! We are so fortunate for great friends and family. And 'Amen to ... At Last'."
- Mrs. Lynn Austin, Bride

"Loretta & the Gang,
Lynn and I can't thank you enough for fitting us in your schedules. There is no one else we could dream of that would have done so well!! We are honored you traveled to perform at our wedding celebration. 'At Last', thank you.
-Mr. Craig Austin, Groom

"You are the best band that has performed at this annual party. We would really love to have you back".

Martha (guest); Vagt Party
Bourbonnaise, IL

"I haven't had the pleasure of hearing you yet but a lot of my friends recommended you and I can't wait to hear you sing. Can I come to your rehearsal?"

Chelsey, Business Owner
Blueline Style Marketing

"When the lucious Miss Loretta Gooden steps on stage you've got sassy and soulful in one alarmingly talented package. Raised in a musical family, her songstress mother inspired Miss Loretta to lay it on the line. And she does with verve, vitality and vim. She can belt Broadway musical numbers, croon American Standards and blues and rock like Janis gone mod. Loretta also brings enourmous fun and passion to her work. Where she's been she is missed and when she's on the way, there's anticipation.

Dana Dugan, Journalist
Mountain Express
Ketchum, Idaho

November 1 - 17, 2009
Yes, it was a hectic week but she made it down the isle; she was beautiful. Her gown was perfect for her and her smile was sincere. She absolutely glowed. To watch her made me so proud to be her mother. During the exchanging of their vows, my son broke down and, no matter how strong we all tried to be, the tears were released. He showed his heart to us all. He is definitely a keeper. Lucky? Oh, yes. Look around you. Performed another two wonderful shows at the Top of Mark with the Fabulous Ricardo Scales, Jaye Richardson, Kami Chiles and James Fleres, to name a few, located within the famous Mark Hopkins Hotel in beautiful San Francisco. Each time I return I realize how special that city is. No, will never live there again but love to visit and perform. The SF GoodenPlenty Project is one member closer to a full band and promises to be equally as powerful as the Indiana project you all know and love. Thank you for your continued support over the past few years. Our success is fully due to you continued patronage.

In California, I continue to establish my West Coast network hoping to set up some shows for the Triangle Tour. This will consist of Seattle/San Francisco/Sun Valley, Idaho
FOR YOU WONDERFULLY PATIENT FANS, the Christmas CD is underway and should be to you before the holiday approaches. Just in time to place it into some loved one's Christmas stocking. Even plan to have some special friends of yours and mine on the CD as my special guest(s). Please look forward to this release. You will enjoy. The Torch of Jazz will, soon after, prepare a smooth vocal jazz standard CD. This will truly be from my heart. Later in the next year, the GPP will develop their long-awaited CD ... I hope. Keep us in your prayers.
Thank you for your continued support and have a fulfilling Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday.
SEE YOU at the SEASON'S LODGE in NASHVILLE, IN for our finale/New Year's Eve performance. Three days of the GPP. Feel free to come as many times as you can. We love you that much. Party, dance, party, dance, party, dance .........

GPP Member of the Year
GPP MEMBER 2009: Jim Rollins, Dummer
You Fans Can Vote, Too!


The GoodenPlenty Project 2009
In Nashville, Indiana

Brown County Inn/Corn Crib Lounge
Chateau Thomas Winery
Season's Lodge & Conference Center

The GPP is there for a 20 year reunion.
Jim's mother Jane and sister Leata w/proprietors of Delilah's Pet Shop, Karen and Harry.

Blonde and Dangerous

Gary Applegate and Sal, Mardi Gras 2009 BCI

Steve Robbins at Loretta's Birthday Bash-BCI 2009
Steve plays with Governor Davis & the Blues Ambassadors

Miss Loretta's GoodenPlenty Project

A big and special thank you, our friends, and to our occasional musical guests for their willingness to join us in entertaining you.  Always an open stage to you.

Contact Us For Your Parties!

Loretta Gooden, Manager

Always a party on the dance floor @ the BCI.

Kenny Simms, keyboards, Indianapolis

Our favorite locals.

Always a full house of friends.

THE LOYAL LOCALS of Nashville, IN (Brown Country)

"Everybody wants to get into the act!"       Jimmy Durante

Beth and Kari

It is always a party with the GPP.
Demonstrate that imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

NOVEMBER       2 0 0 9
CD Project

FURTHER ON UP THE ROAD! Our goal is to produce a CD and/or DVD as soon as we develop a list of material which may include some of your favorites as well as a few originals written by the GPP.  We’re even considering recording a Christmas CD for you, your family and friends’ listening pleasure.  Keep your eyes open and thank you, in advance, for your purchase.

See the schedule of upcoming GPP performances, through December, on the home page.2009.

Please feel free to share this site with your friends and family.



Nelson "Hajee" Batalon and sons
The Batalon Trio

Big ups to PHIL HIPSKIND!  for coming to work prepared from day one. Phil is already the asset that completely filled the void bringing vocals and his incredible gift and guitar playing. Being and English Teacher can't hurt either. Is that right? Edit Text Big u.

Big ups to Jimmy Rollins for getting to every gig 3 hours in advance to set up and ready to help others set up.  He's a lot more than what you see in that shy exterior.  I feel a certificate presentation coming on:  GPP Member of the Year:  2009!  Thanks, Jim.
Big ups to Jack Joseph for keeping the pulse of the beat.  Between the bass and drums your feet start moving and you have to get up and dance.  Thanks for the tremendous efforts you have made, Jack.  In the short time you've been with the band, your hard work reveals itself through your performance.



FRI Nov 27 CTW Nshvl; 6pm

SAT Dec 4 Old Northside Tvrn Mrtnsvl; 9pm

SAT Dec 12 Blueline Chrstms Prty; Blmgtn

THU Dec 17 Blueline Chrstms Prty; Evnsvl

SAT Dec 19 CTW Nshvl; 6pm



Big Ups to the locals of Nashville, IN for embracing us with nothing short of their continued and loving support.  You are the best fans any band would love to have.  Our tip-jar experts!

A very special acknowledgement to Tom Cracciniou-BCI, Tom White-Season's, Slats Klugg and Robbie Bowden, Scott Freed-Chateau Thomas Winery, Player's Pub, Tyra & Vance-Muddy Boots, Doug and Vicky May-Coachlight Theatre, Craig & Lynn Austin, Eagle Point Resort, Toby Myers, The Slippery Noodle, Tutto Bene' Wine Cafe, Mr. Gordon Bonham, Doc Malone, to name a few, and the many musicians who have helped us accomplish so much in such a short amount of time. 
Last, but certainly not least, a big thank you to the guys in all the history of the of the band:  George, Steve, Chris, David, Orie, Tadas, Jeff, Cory, Jack, Nelson, Jim, Geoff and Bill.  Especially those who have sat-in, filling the void when a member is absent..  If I had 10,000 tongues I couldn't thank you enough:  We've come a long way from nowhere together.  Thank you for helping me realize my inner-child's vision.  She is very happy.  Miss Loretta Gooden

Please feel free to check out our upcoming events schedule listed above.  See you there!


NEW YEAR'S EVE @ Season's Nashville

SAT Jan 9 Player's Pub Blmgtn

FRI Jan 16 CTW Nshvl
FRI Jan 22 Caddie's Columbus
SAT Jan 23 Caddie's Columbus
FRI Mar 12 Caddie's Columbus
SAT Mar 13 Caddie's Columbus
SAT May 1 CTW Nshvl

Featuring Vocal & Sax

SAT Jan 30 CTW Nashville
SAT Feb 13 CTW Nashville
SAT Jun 12 CTW Nshvl IN